Amanda's For Beauty now offer The Contour Body Wrap! 

Contour Body Wrap

Need to lose a few inches or just want to detox?

Using a unique blend of essential oils and the traditional method of bandage compression, this herbal formulation works externally to internally and aids in the removal of toxins that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of the body. It is basically a cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, which helps to restore the elasticity to loose, flabby skin, not only improving the appearance of skin tone and cellulite, by smoothing out any bumpy or uneven skin, but also creating a loss of inches around the body contours - a great confidence booster all year round!

The treatment does not dehydrate or age the skin and is the healthiest type of body wrap.

If you follow the aftercare advice given to you from your therapist, the inch loss can last up to 28 days but the quicker that you put the toxins back into your body the quicker the inches creep back on so healthy eating will result in a longer lasting inch loss. 

During your treatment you should expect to wear a bikini so that the treatment can be applied to the whole body and expect to be wrapped in bandages for around 1 hour. We will also give you a complimentary head/scalp massage whilst the bandages are on. The treatment will last around 1 ½ hours, including consultation and measuring.

This is a no mess (no need to shower afterwards) relaxing treatment that works for almost everyone!!

 Single treatment - £40.00       

Course of 5 for the price of 4 - £160


 Home Care - Retail to help you maintain your results of the day!

Pharmanex Tegreen Capsules £24.00

Green Tea is rich in polyphenol flavonnoids, including caterchins. Antioxidant activity by scaveeging free radicals - 30 capsules

Contouring Gel—150ml £49.00

Body wrap deal both for £69.00

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