Details of our waxing treatments

We offer all of the basic waxing treatments.
After cleansing the area to be waxed, a warm cream wax is applied, followed by hair removal. We then apply a soothing lotion to help calm the skin.
We try to make the treatment as painless as possible and many of our regular clients find that it actually relaxes them!!

We offer:                           Warm                     Hot

Full Leg                                             £25.00

Half Leg                                            £15.00

Bikini Line                                          £10.00                                 £15.00
Extended Bikini                                  £15.00                                 £20.00

HollyWood                                      Hot Wax                               £30.00 

 Braziian                                          Hot Wax                                £30.00

Under Arm                                         £6.00                                    £10.00

Half Arm                                            £10.00
Full Arm                                             £20.00

Upper Lip                                           £5.00                                    £8.00

Chin                                                   £5.00                                    £8.00

Eyebrows                                           £5.00


Shoulders & Back                            £17.00


How long will my waxing last?

Results vary from person to person, but in most cases you should see minimal re-growth during the first three weeks, with a noticable increase after that.

You will benefit most from having regular waxing sessions, as continued waxing weakens the hair follicles, resulting in slower, sparser re-growth.