This page offers preparation information before your tan. 

Preparing Before Your Tan 


Do…Exfoliate your skin the day before your tan, to achieve perfectly prepared skin with a smooth and bright appearance. 

Do…Any necessary hair removal at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

Do…Wear loose dark clothing. The colour guide may rub off on some light fabrics but should wash out. Avoid socks, boots, trainers and tight fitting garments. 

Do…Remove make up, deodorant and perfume before your application.


… Moisturise on the day of your tan.

Don’t… Have a tan if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy or have any open cuts, wounds or broken skin conditions. 

Don’t… Tint eyebrows or eyelashes within 12 hours of a treatment. 

Don’t… Sit on light leather or fabrics until you have taken a shower and washed the colour guide off.

Create Your Tan

Each Tantrick tan is individually designed for our skin type offering varying strengths of solution with varying levels of DHA – (the active tanning ingredient).

Speak to your therapist to see which is recommended for your skin type. Higher percentages will not necessarily be suited to paler skin types.

Develop Your Tan  

Avoid washing your hands immediately after your tan. Leave the solution develop for at least 6/8 hours before showering to remove the colour guide. Try using Karma Body Wash for an all over gentle wash, which has been designed not to strip your colour. Your tan will continue to develop for several hours. Avoid strenuous exercise in the first few hours as sweating can inhibit the development.

Maintain Your Tan 

With regular moisturising and gentle care, your tan can last from 4-14 days, depending on your skin type and skin care routine.  

If you have any further questions or are unsure on any of the before and aftercare please feel free to call Amanda – 0781 281 4210

Enjoy your tan!!